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Merry Christmas

Christmas Holiday Trading Hours

CLINIC: Close Midday 24th December 2015 – Re Open Monday 11th January 2016

GYM: Close Midday 24th December 2015 – Re Open Monday 4th January 2016 limited hours as follows:

Monday 4th to Friday 8th 3.30pm to 6.30pm (Closed Saturday the 9th)

Back to Normal hours Monday 11th January (See Here!)


Every Kilogram you put on over Christmas is one extra that has to come off before you reach your goal!!

So let’s attack our fitness goals, weight loss goals & health goals.

It’s OK to ask for help and guidance and that is what we are here for.

The next 12 months is going to pass quickly so the sooner you start chasing your goals the quicker you can reach them.
PLEASE DON’T SAY ANY OF THE FOLLOWING BECAUSE WE HEARD ALL OF THEM FROM MANY PEOPLE IN 2014, yes these were usually from people that didn’t reach goals or even start:
1) I’ll start on Monday.
2) I’ll start after My birthday, Holiday, Anniversary, Business Trip etc etc etc
3) I can’t afford it!
4) I don’t have time!
5) I want to start but the time isn’t right
6) I’m too tired
7) I’m too embarrassed
8) I’ll start after Australia day!
9) I’ll start after the kids go back to school!
10) I’ll start after Easter!
11) I have an injury (Injuries can be worked around)
12) I have Arthritis
13) Insert your excuse here (_______________________)

The reality is you can’t keep lying to yourself.
If your goal is to change anything in your life, you have to Take ACTION NOW!!

Make yourself the most important thing in your life, If you look after yourself first, you are better equipped to look after others.

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Inquire about NET (Neuro Emotional Technique) and NIS (Neurological Integration System)

You'll be amazed at the effects the mind has over the body.

We appreciate your feedback with regards to other information, products or services you may like to have available to you.
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 Tammy talking about Weight Loss
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Tamara's Herbal & Natural Therapies

Really good advice is hard to find. Although treatment with herbs & supplements is generally safe there are very important things that need to be considered such as:

  • Will a herb or supplement interact adversely with prescription medication? Only a trained and qualified practitioner can advise you properly.
  • What dosage should you be taking? Quite often the dosage noted on bottles purchased in a retail outlet is a guide only. To ensure that you are not wasting your money and being disappointed with the outcome, a practitioner will know the correct and effective safe dosage.
  • Self medicating because a friend says one product is good for this ailment or that newspaper article says another product is good for a different condition is a dangerous path to take.

We live such busy and hectic lives that it is difficult to get time out for ourselves. If you have any concerns about your health you need to make a small investment of time for you.  

Although Tammy runs a busy practice she can usually fit patients in for  a time that will be suitable to the patient.

Prevention is far easier than cure.

One appointment will allow you to address many concerns you may have regarding some or any of your health issues, whether they are:
Chronic (long standing conditions) or Acute (very recent complaints).

One appointment will go a long way to:
Ensuring products will be prescribed safely  and that there will be a safe interaction with existing medication.

Only an experienced and dedicated practitioner will understand which natural herbs & supplements could interact adversely with medications prescribed by your GP.

Only an experienced & well trained practitioner is confident enough to work with your GP to achieve optimal outcomes for your health, if that is what is best for you!

Our clinic now has a professionally managed weight loss program:
Call Tammy for more information and how to start Ph; 02 4365 0123


 We Highly recommend "MotV8 Shake" protein powder to assist with your weight loss.

Tammy's Qualifications
Diploma of Medical Herbalism
Diploma of Food Therapy
Diploma of Herbology
Accredited Bioimpedence Analyst & Practitioner
NET Practitioner (Neuro Emotional)
NIS (Neurological Integration System)
The Clinic now also offers personal & group training

If you are considering seeing a Natural Therapist you will be well served by making your first Appointment with Tammy
Call: 02 43650123 or 0429 436508

Weight Loss, Erina, Central Coast
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