Extra Cash

What Is an Affiliate?

An affiliate is or can be:

  • Someone just like you and me.
  • Another business.
  • A charity.
  • A church.
  • A sporting organisation or School.

An affiliate links to our website thereby sharing traffic with our website and shop to help us make sales.

An affiliate shares in the profits of any sales they have referred to us. Everything happens automatically.

How does someone link to our site?
By either:

  1. Placing one of our specially prepared banners on your website.
  2. Or including our link in your emails. Imagine the power of everyone in your club or church including a link in every email they sent? You can reach a lot of people raise a lot of money and do a lot of good.

An example of a link could read:

Our local school receives 5% donation on all sales on this link from herbalist.net.au

What does the Affiliate get in return?

Because we now don't have to spend as much money on advertising we reward you by paying you 5% of the sale value for all our online sales that occur after someone comes in and decides to buy after following your link.

It is an easy way to make some extra money and it is a brilliant way for school, churches, charities and sporting groups to raise much needed funds

How do I Become an Affiliate?

It is very simple to become an affiliate, you can sign in via the affiliate link on the side of this page, or you can call us on (Australia) 0418 680922 and we can talk you through. The Info on the affiliate link is free and may answer many of the questions not answered here.

There are no costs involved in becoming an affiliate and it is our job to make sure you succeed by making sure our products and service are of the highest quality.

Anyone can be an affiliate, it is not like a job it can be as simple as giving people our business card which should contain your own referrer ID. This referrer ID identifies you as the reason someone visited our online shop. If they buy you earn a fee, it is so easy!

Of course it will be wonderful if you also choose to use our online shop as well, by doing so you are effectively giving yourself a staff discount.

When you join as an affiliate you receive your own control panel, at no cost where you can manage your new small business. In here you will be able to see how many sales are made from your referrals, what the sales values are and how much money we owe you.

With the other tools available you can track the source of the sale, eg. if you have had our banner inserted on someones website, if it was a word of mouth or if it was a link from your email.

We can show you all the ways you can channel people to the website. It will be a lot of fun.

I would like to stress again, this is not difficult. Once you have attached the banner to your site or the link to your email, you need do nothing else. The shop will track all the sales automatically. If you like you can check your account every day to follow sales.


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