What you WANT
is more important than what you FEAR!

Lets explore the above statement with complete honesty.

You  want  to lose weight but for most people I can guarantee your fears are holding you back.

Why am I afraid of losing weight .

I might have to stop drinking alcohol for a while.

If I give up alcohol I am afraid I might miss out on some fun.

If I give up alcohol for a while I am afraid people might make fun of me.

If I change my eating habits, I am afraid I might get Hungry every now & then.

I might have to exercise a bit.

Exercise might hurt, I am not an athlete.

I have tried before and I am afraid I will be embarrrased if I try & fail again.

If I lose weight I might I am afraid I could run out of excuses that allow me  avoid other things in my life that I want to do but am afraid of.

I am afraid that it might be too hard to change my eating habits.

I am afraid to admit that I am overweight and really do need to lose weight.

I am afraid I don't have enough time, I am too busy looking after my family.

I am afraid I don't have enough time, my job takes up all my time.

I am afraid of what my family or boss will think of me if I make time to look after myself.

Age is no barrier to weight loss: An overweight child normally becomes an overweight teenager.
An overweight teenager normally becomes an over weight adult.
The sooner we address the situation the easier it will be.  
Weight Loss can be easier than you think.

We don't believe in dieting.
Diets will put you on the pathway to yo yo weight gain/weight loss.

Tamara's Herbal & Natural Therapies In conjunction with Fitness Factory Erina have worked for a number of years to find a solid reliable and effective weight loss program. We are not into fads and let's not pussy foot around, when we talk weight loss we actually mean FAT loss.

Below are what we believe to be the most important questions that need to

be answered to assist you with a weight loss goal.

You can do it yourself or you can enlist any or all of our products and services
to assist & guide you through to your ultimate goal. 
Does Everyone Need To Lose Weight?
Of course not but some people have reasons for reducing fat other than health reasons. Some people just want to get into the next dress size down. There's nothing wrong with that. If your a body builder you may need to drop body fat for a competition.
As a women you may just want to have a certain body shape, we all have goals.

Who Does Need To lose Weight?
You do need to lose weight if you are carrying excess fat that is going to impact adversley on your health. For example, if you are carrying excess fat you are at an increased risk of heart disease, diabetes, stroke, high blood pressure, high cholesterol & so on. It is important to shift the excess weight/fat sooner rather than later.
What is a healthy weight range?
It varies from person to person but a rough test is your BMI (Body Mass Index) your aim here is to be in the range of 20 - 25. This is a rough test and can produce some very misleading results.

The most accurate and effective way to know your healthy weight range is to have our clinic perform a Bio impedence analysis (BIA). This test will instantly give us some important information about your body which is measured, recorded and  used as the yardstick to assess progress towards goals.
The most important information the BIA gives us is:
1) How much fat do I have on my body v How much should I have?
2) How much muscle do I have v How much should I have?
3) What is the quality of my muscle?
4) What is the fluid balance of my cells?
5) Is my body hydrated correctly?
6) What is my biological age?

What Next?
Once we have the information provided by the BIA we can prescribe a plan that will work for you.

What's the Difference Between Dieting & Your Diet?
At Tamara's Herbal & Natural Therapies & Fitness Factory Erina we don't believe in dieting. However we do believe in adjusting your diet to cut out the crap and certain carbohydrates along with the frequency & timing of your meals.

What Happens if I lose muscle weight but not fat?
Losing muscle is a huge problem with certain diets and this is usually what happens when you undertake many commercial or unsupervised detoxification programs or drastically calorie restricted diets particularly when incorporated with increased exercise.
Be very wary of diets or programs that promise big weight losses in the first week.

Muscle is the key driver of our metabolism,
If you can add muscle your metabolism speeds up - thus increasing the bodies ability to Burn Fat.

If you lose muscle your metabolism slows down - thus reducing the bodies ability to Burn Fat.

Lose Muscle & Guess What Happens?
Yep, you lose weight short term but you will put more weight on in time because you have just slowed your metabolism. Because you have slowed your metabolism you need to restrict your calorie intake even more. Now here's the kicker, because you are restricting calorie intake your body thinks that a famine is coming and our body flicks a genetic switch that makes the body store those calories as fat.

Now because you a restricting your calories you are getting fatigued and have no energy to exercise because you are not exercising you are not building muscle & on it goes.

You are now completely confused a little depressed, down on motivation, skeptical & jealous of people that promise weight/fat loss of 1kg or more per week.  

Why is protein so important?

Protein is the main driver of muscle growth. It is also the building block for your hair, nails, blood, bones and even skin

Your body doesn't store protein as fat.

Give your body plenty of protein and it doesn't worry about the famine effect therefore isn't interested in storing fat it becomes more interested in burning fat. So by putting the right fuel into your body in the correct ratio the genetic switch we talked about above gets flicked over to the fat burn setting.

How do I ensure I lose Fat & not Muscle?
Increase protein intake & decrease the bad carbohydrates such as white bread, wheat products and also avoid pastas. Sugars must also be drastcally reduced ie soft drink, alcohol, lollies etc and while in the strict or more committed phase for weight loss be carefull with your fruit consumption as this is sugar by stealth.

Can hormone imbalances make it hard to lose weight?
Yes, but not to be used as excuses. Consult our herbalist identify the problem and get on with it.

Why do meal replacements & supplements work?
Meal replacements work because they allow you to get high protein low calorie & low carb meal without having to rely on the typical high carbohydrate snacks and meals.
Special note: Meal replacement shakes or snacks are not for every meal of the day, they are meant only to replace a meal and snack of your choice each day. Not every meal.

They are also very easy for someone with a busy lifestyle, it doesn't get any easier than adding water to your powder shake -it and drink and bang 20 grams of pure protein to feed your body.
I've tried before and I can't lose weight, why?
For your long term health, try again. You are the most important person in this equation but if you can't do it for you do it for your family who love you and want to see you live a happy healthy long life.

Where do I start?
Ok, Call Tamara's Herbal & Natural Therapies or Fitness Factory Erina to book in for your BIA (Bio Impedence Analysis) 02 4365 0123 we are conveniently located at 4/8 Bonnal Rd, Erina.

It's cheap and you will find out exactly where you are and what's required to get to where you need to be. 
Let Tamara's Herbal & Natural Therapies & Fitness Factory Erina to help guide through to the realisation of your weight loss GOALS CALL Either:
Tammy on 02 4365 0123 or 0429 436508
Lance on 0423 721 941

Don't let Fear rule your life!

We all have things in our life that we want.

For our wants to become our reality we must overcome our fears and this means we will probably  experience some short term discomfort.

The making of a want into a reality is amazingly empowering.

A simple thing like achieving a weight loss goal will transform your life in ways, you will become an unstoppable force, why because now you believe you will acheive something if you set your to it (Want it) 

All of a sudden you become aware that you can achieve anything!

You will become a role model for many who haven't yet dared to overcome their fears.

You were once afraid your friends would ridicule you or make fun of you for trying to better yourself.

You will now be admired by your friends, family and work colleagues.

You will never be afraid again to get what you want.

And all because you dared to prove to yourself that you could transform your whole life by losing a few kilo's.

Well done in advance!!!!!!!!!!!

Don't forget our philosophy on overcoming fears to achieve what you want applies to everything you want.

If you want help learning to overcome your fears ,feel free to call us to explore overcoming fear.

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